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Momo is a slang term used to describe an advanced trading strategy based purely on momentum. In a momo play, the trader is not interested in the company's fundamentals, only in the short-term direction of a security's price movement.

Reasons to use Momo Trades:

Looking for Consistently Positive Trades
Hard time maintaining Disciplined Trading
Want to be able to Auto-trade as your full-time job keeps you busy
Be able to avoid SEC’s pattern day trader rule (for account sizes below $25K)

What Members Say

I am a senior trader who has subscribed to many equity newsletters, option newsletters and a variety of other services. Normally, the results are inflated - which means the trade cannot be executed at that price, or they inflate the results of the trade. I am still very active and after reviewing several services, I am very pleased to say that Yasir has consistently delivered accurate pricing and entry points on all trades. He is honest and not the typical “internet service” that advertises much and delivers little. These are very good people trying to do a difficult honest job, and I highly recommend his service.

Vernon Barclay
Tampa, FL

You Keep it simple, and disciplined. I love it that the timing of your Two-Day trade strategy is always to enter a trade in the last two hours of the trading day. That way I make my schedule flexible enough to be able to execute a trade while at work.

Dan Collier
Columbus, Ohio

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If you are looking to strike rich within one month, this is not the place for you. I like high-probability trades where the chance of closing a trade in positive is higher.

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